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White Cream

Our Mission

Is to provide our clients with a customized and personal experience with every visit. We know that with every visit your skin and goals change, and with that so will your services.  We don't believe in offering cookie cutter treatments and charging you more every time you need something new to enhance and make changes to your skin. Instead we believe in using the right tools and products to achieve the results your are looking for. All of our treatments are customized by listening to your needs and goals and using time as the basis for the amount of work we can achieve in one session with no limitations or up charging. We care about our clients on a personal level and want to do what is necessary to make them happy and meet their skincare and beauty needs.

White Feather


I have been coming to see Lindsey for all of my aesthetic needs for over eight years now. She goes above and beyond in everything she does and custom tailors every service to the individual. Through every stage of life she has kept me looking and feeling my best on top of keeping me feel comfortable and confident. She is truly the only esthetician I have been able to see continually over this many years and and still get excited about my appointments. Her ability to change and adapt with me and my skin care needs is invaluable. There is truly no one else I would trust. I consider her a friend as well as a skin care expert and feel truly lucky to have her in my life and hope to continually have her through many more years to come. 

 ~ Robyn Cagan

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